100 Calories of Pecans & Helpful Comparison Chart of Nut Nutrition

pecan photoThrow pecans into casseroles or roasted vegetables or even soups to give it some texture. Just be careful — like all nuts, pecan calories add up with little volume.

I was curious last year about which nuts had the best ratio of fat and protein to calories. I looked up nutritional information on the web and calculated those ratios. You can see my calculations in the table below, sorted by best ratio of protein to calorie. The higher the ratio, the better the protein content. For fat to calorie ratio, a lower number is more desirable if you are trying to reduce fat intake.  The important take-away for me was the discovery of the overall best choices: peanuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews, in that order. I am very pleased that pistachios are high on the list for best choices in both categories.

You might notice I did not include walnuts. You are on your own there; I have a walnut allergy and did not bother to research a food I will never eat. Also, please note that these are just estimates and that I am going by values gleaned off the internet. Use at your own risk.

I also did a chart of nutritional values of seeds, but I’ll save that for another day.

Nut Serving protein : calorie fat : calorie
Peanuts 1/2 cup raw, 2.5oz 0.045 0.087
Pistachios 1/2 cup shelled, 2oz 0.037 0.080
Almonds raw, unblanched, 1/2 cup, 2.5oz 0.037 0.088
Cashews 1/2 cup dry-roasted, 2.4oz 0.027 0.081
Brazil nuts 1/2 cup, shelled (16 kernels), 2.5oz 0.025 0.117
Hazelnuts (filberts) 1/2 cup shelled, 2.5oz 0.024 0.097
Pecans 1/2 cup, halves, 2.4oz 0.013 0.104
Macadamia nuts 1/2 cup, 2.3oz 0.011 0.106
Coconut meat 1/2 medium coconut (4.5″ d, 7 oz) 0.009 0.095
Chestnuts 15-18 nuts, 2.5oz 0.008 0.006