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I live in Boston and am a graduate student at Harvard University, studying environmental management.  I’ve had a layman’s interest in food policy, the industrial production of food, and the obesity epidemic in the U.S.  Recently, it occurred to me to examine the direct relationship between obesity and Greenhouse Gas emissions.  I am quite fascinated by the impact that obesity, even mild obesity, has on emissions and global climate change.  I hope to study more about this subject in the next few semesters.

Before trying to save the world, I worked in various capacities in jewelry and metalsmithing.  Gradually that transitioned into a less-commercial interest in large-scale, collaborative,  interactive sculpture.  This remains a passion in my life.  I also enjoy sewing and making reconstructed clothing, musing about hexagonal geometry, marveling over the North American electric grid and figuring out how to make the perfect cup of tea.


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  1. Kyle Walton
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 09:04:01

    We should chat….we are the developers of the scale you are using and would love to talk to you about this blog. Is there an email address we can reach you at?


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