About this Blog

Welcome to the 100 Calories Of Blog.

This idea came about after idle curiosity about how many calories were in the cashews I’d been snacking on all day.  I have a digital food scale with pre-programmed nutritional values.  I had been using it to track my daily calories and protein/carb/fat intake to slim down a few years ago.

As it turns out, 9 cashews plus a bit more equals 100 calories.  It was a shock, so I posted a picture of the evidence on my facebook page with the caption “100 Calories of Cashews.”  It garnered a good response, so I continued posting images of 100 Calories of different food items.  I’ve had a layman’s interest in the U.S. food industry, obesity trends, and the organic and local food opportunities that have grown in number recently.  Based on conversations and observations, I have concluded that most people do not understand what a portion size is or have a clear idea of how many calories are in the food they are eating.

I hope this blog give people more information and that the information can help in making healthier choices.  If you have any requests for items you would like to see here, please do leave a comment or email me at 100caloriesof at gmail dot com.


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