100 Calories of Popcorn and Butter

popcorn kernalsIt turns out, popcorn with butter is my ‘perfect food’ for breaking a 2.5 day calorie-curtailment.  I’m not going to use the word ‘fast’ because I did eat a little each day: carrot juice, broth, and seitan.  Sadly, I made the mistake of guessing how many calories are in popcorn and butter instead of weighing them out.  I ended up eating about 800 calories of popcorn and butter.  Oops!

My conclusion about “fasting” is that while it isn’t particularly difficult, over time it was no more effective at weight loss than a smaller daily caloric reduction.  However, I felt good about the self-control involved.  A small good thing in these troubling times of revolution and natural disaster.

Pat o' ButterWhen I started paying more attention to what I was eating, I began to eat higher quality foods.  The increase in price is offset by the reduction in quantity.  Now I enjoy things like Danish butter.  I vastly prefer the flavor and texture to the more commonly available brands.